Trekkayak can be used as is. But by adding a seat, oar holders and many of our current and future accessories you can make your Trekkayak suitable for almost any outdoor situation. Along the hulls, both inside and outside, hole webbing is attached to secure these accessories.
And please send us a note if you miss anything.

The foldable seat

This seat is an example of our cooperation with our friends at STS. The seat offers increased comfort during your paddling or rowing trip. The adjustable aluminium stays and back rest design helps improve comfort while sitting during those long paddling days. The seat is made of thermoformed foam for increased comfort and has an adjustable aluminium lumber support. The mid-height back rest allows increased shoulder rotation and is a blessing for long trips.

The seat is, as most other accessories, quickly connected to the hole webbing along the hulls.

The Plywood hull seat

This seat is installed on top of the hulls allowing a more comfortable position with bent legs. The seat is made out of durable water resistant plywood with a great grip pattern.
The seat is, as most other accessories, quickly connected to the hole webbing along the hulls. And, you can naturally install as many as you like.

The 35L Pump bag

This 35 litre pump bag, developed in cooperation with Sea to Summit, fills a hull in a couple of minutes. Just connect it to the valve on the hull and start pumping. When not used for filling, the pump bag doubles as a dry bag for clothes and valuables.

The 65 L Pump bag

We developed this 65 Liter Pump Bag to inflate the hulls quicker and more convenient. The Pump bag even have an extension hose reaching from the ground up the the inflation valve which is stored underneath the bag when not in use.

The Engine mount

For those of you wanting to use a small outboard or electrical this is the accessory for the plywood seat. Simply attach it to the Plywood hull seat with the bolts, attach an up to 3 hp outboard and off you go. A pleasure for long lake crossings or going upstreams a river.

The oar mounts

Our oar mounts provides an excellent way to use oars. Great for fishing and longer trips. Install them along the side of the hull, adjust the angle to suit your body length and off you go. Made in marine grade aluminium tubes and comes with all webbings needed.

Buckles and webbing

Our aluminium buckles are specially developed to secure the load when using the Trekkayak in rough waters.
Or to attach bags, oar holders and all other accessories to the Trekkayak.
The webbing is 19 mm wide and 1000 mm long. Connect the buckle through the hook in the stitched end pocket.