Unpacking and assembly

We decided to deliver the Trekkayak disassembled not because we are overly lazy but for you to familiarize with how to replace, repair and maintain the parts. You will find two hulls, two inner bladders, three complete cross bars in aluminium with webbing and buckles and finally enough lace to connect the trampolin. Make sure you have duct tape and polyurethane glue or, even better, our repair kit as an absolute minimum on your longer trips.

To get stuck in the middle of nowhere just because of missing spares or the means to repair can save you a long walk back.

Install the bladder in the hull

Start by installing a bladder in a hull. The, by far, easiest way of installing the inner bladder is to open the crocodile type velcro located at the end of the hull with the PVC ring with a webbing over it. Stick your arm in and push it all the way through to the crocodile webbing on the other end of the hull. Grab the end of the inner bladder with the inflation valve on it and, while you engage an assistant to hold the other end of the hull, pull the inner bladder slowly through the hull. When done, connect the velcro rings on the inner bladder to the hull in both ends into position and pull the valve through the slots in the PVC ring. Now you’re done with one hull and can repeat the procedure with the other.

Inflating a hull

Open both lids of the valve. Carefully slide the two lids trough the slot in the PVC and close the lid with the check-valve thus locking the inner bladder to the hull through the PVC. Connect the pump bag to the valve. Fill the hull with air by alternately fill the bag with air and deflate by pressing the bag. Don’t be overly cautious when inflating. The unique design means you cannot overfill the bladder. Even in the hot mid-day sun the expanding air in the hulls mean no risk. The hull will prevent the inner bladder of expanding too much.

Repeat the installation of the bladder and inflate the second hull.

Add the trampoline

Once both hulls are inflated it’s time to connect the trampolin in between them. Start from one end and go backwards. Position one hole band on the trampolin under the other. Tie together the trampolin with the hull by “sewing” using the 7 meter lace included in the delivery. There are more then one way to do this but we prefer under/over using all holes in the hole band.

Once completed, make a knot and you’re ready to go Trekkayaking.

Using the cross bars

To secure that the hulls are parallel and stay separated is the next and final step in the assembly of the Trekkayak. We use one aluminium tube in the back, one in the middle and one up front, all of them about 1000 mm long.

Install the black 19 mm webbing through the slot in the plastic cap while keeping the slot horizontal and, make sure the webbing runs on the outside of the outer loop, and connect it to the hole webbing on the inside of the hull using the anchor buckles. Then tighten all bands until the trampolin is fully stretched. You can obviously adjust the tension of the trampolin at will.

When trekking you may leave the aluminium pipes at home to save weight and space by cutting your own using a suitable piece of branch or a plank. Just make sure you cut a Y-shape in each end to secure the webbing from sliding.