Trekkayak is not just a product but rather a concept. To trek one way and return kayaking. To cross a lake or a river once you stand on the shore looking at the other side or go fishing on lakes or rivers accessible only by foot. And the concept sets the standard. It must be light, safe, durable and designed to last. Small to fit into the pump bag when deflated and made by the best materials available. After all, quality is when a product just works, regardless.
Trekkayak is a catamaran for a reason. Two hulls means redundancy thus added safety, unmatched carrying capacity and longer waterline meaning less force needed while the trampolin means you are seated above the water.
The hulls, in a double layer design, has an outer fabric made from durable Cordura and an inner bladder of reinforced TPU. All parts, bladder, hull and cross bars are naturally replaceable and repairable in the field.

Trekkayak Expedition

The Trekkayak for two. Over 4,4 meters long, 1,2 meter wide, with 400 mm tubes and capable of safely carrying over 500 kg. Based on an inner bladder in reinforced TPU and with a hull of durable Cordura 500 with a trampolin between. Total weight just under 6 kg, all and all, and still fits inside the 65 L Pump bag. All accessories, such as oar holders, engine mount and seats are custom built to fit this versatile Trekkayak.


Add oars if you prefer rowing rather then kayaking, add a small outboard if you want to cover long distances or go upwards a river, add a seat to enhance comfort when fishing long hours, add hull bags to secure your valuables or simply enjoy viewing what we and our partners have developed so far. And please do not hesitate to convey your ideas should you miss something. It may be rewarding….


Never, ever leave home without some of these. An inner bladder, an outer hull, an extra pump bag doubling as dry bag, a few extra straps, a few buckles and a roll of duct tape is a minimum for every serious outdoor lover.
Add food for extra days, and a first aid kit and you have what it takes to handle most situations.