Spare parts

Never, ever leave home without some of these. An inner bladder, an outer hull, an extra pump bag doubling as dry bag, a few extra straps, a few buckles and a roll of duct tape is a minimum for every serious outdoor lover. Add food for extra days and a first aid kit and you have what it takes to handle most situations. And, always remember the life vest.

A spare hull

The hull is manufactured in durable Cordura 500 to secure high performance and low weight. Along both sides there are hole webbings to attach accessories or to secure load.
Even if the fabric will take lots of beating it may be a good idea to carry an extra hull on long trips in the back country. Or at least a roll of duct tape to patch the hull should you rip it on a sharp rock or branch.
After all, the small extra weight and space needed can save you a long walk back.

There is no left or right hull.

A spare bladder

An inner bladder for a hull is always a good to have. Made from specially developed and reinforced TPU-coated fabric, it’s both light and strong. But having an extra in your dry bag can save you from a long walk.
In case you get stranded we’ve colored the bladder bright red. Simply remove it from the hull, inflate it and bind it to the top of a tree to be easily spotted from the air.

Aluminium bars

Even if you lose a bar in the middle of nowhere there are always a way. Take a branch, or a smell tree, cut it to about the same length as our special aluminium tube, 1000 mm, cut a V-shape in each end to secure the webbing and you will get home.
But the aluminium tube with integrated plastic webbing slots can be ordered directly from us.